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Ecumenical Senior Center

Update on our Capital Campaign 

As of May 16, 2024

Our New Goal is
$ 7 million

Although the planning phase is fluid and ever-changing, our goal remains constant to expand our facility so that we can more than double program space to expand our already existing wide range of programs, services and resources.  Our goal is to create a warm and flexible space that will allow ESC to improve our programming and provide a variety of activities at any given time.

Due to increases in construction costs we have needed to re-think this project in order to best meet the needs of the organization.  We have increased the budget from $4.2 million to a final budget of $7 million.  With much gratitude, we are thankful for the generous support we have received from the community to secure $6 million toward the project.  We will continue to fundraise and need your help to get us to the finish line as we raise the remaining $1 million for this project.  


Due to the poor condition of the building, we plan on a demolition of our current facility and build new construction on the same place that will be approximately 16,000 sq. ft. with two floors.  

Pre-construction will continue through December 2024 as we complete the design, demolition and environmental studies.  ESC plans to temporarily relocate it's programming starting January 1, 2025 while the project is underway.  Our plan is to start construction in the spring of 2025 with a completion date of late summer 2026.  

We are getting close to finalizing the new drawings and we will post them below soon.  We continue to combine our desired outcome from the list below of our previous plans for renovation and new construction but the overall design will include up to 16,000 sq. ft. on two stories.  

two birds eye view.png

Renovation of our current building: 

  • Renovation of current site at 702 N. Burdick Street

  • New/replace most electrical, mechanical, plumbing and the addition of fire suppression throughout. 

  • Replace exterior roofing, siding and windows. 

  • Creating an intermate fireside lounge that can open up to larger area when necessary. 

  • Improved offices and a dedicated multipurpose board rood/craft room.

  • Relocating downstairs steps.

  • Move and upgrade two handicapped accessible restrooms.   

  • ESC has decided to put a pause on further design and construction until we are able to secure 60% of the project.  As a result we will remain at our current location until further notice.  

New Construction

ESC will focus on developing multipurpose space that can be flexible the number of people that can be served.  Our hope is to more than double our program efforts.  

Lower Level :

  • 10,000 sq. ft. of new construction on two stories with an elevator. 

  • ​Upgraded kitchen, distribution and storage. ​

  • Two additional handicapped restrooms.

  • An atrium entrance from parking lot that leads you to upgrades public area, a garden terrace.

Upper Level

  • Flexible fitness and exercise area to accomadate large muscle activities as well as exercise equipment 

  • Game room with pool table and self-served beverage area. 

  • Offices that includes a community partner office where seniors can access personal care. 

  • Laundry and two additional handicapped accessible bathrooms with shower/soaking tub. 

  • An additional rooftop pato garden area.

two street view.png
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