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notes from the Executive Director

May 28, 2019   

The Ecumenical Senior Center wants to thank our friend, Bill Chapman, for making us a raised flower bed, getting the topsoil donated and blessing us with a number of other items.  I plan to start a competition to see who can grow the best overall harvest of vegetables.  I will make sure to add some pictures of our garden in full capacity.  So thankful for all our community leaders do to make sure that our seniors are not forgotten and that they have the opportunity to live life to the fullest.    TB

May 23, 2019 

We want to thank David Juday, Sergeant of the Kalamazoo Community Policing Unit for joining us today with our Coffee with the Cops.  We had a great time and were able to ask questions and learn about issues related to seniors in our community.  The best part was that the officers stayed for another two hours and spent one to one time with our seniors.  What a great group of men.  We are so proud of what you do and please know that you are always welcome at the Ecumenical Senior Center.  

Many thanks to Wenke Greenhouses for letting the Ecumenical Senior Center be a part of the Good Neighbor Day donation.  We were able to pick up several flats of annuals flowers.  We are working on re-creating a garden area in the back of the parking lot and this donation will make a beautiful addition.  We appreciate what you do for the nonprofit community here in Kalamazoo.  

coffee with the cops 3.jpg
Donated raised garden 2.jpg

May 21, 2019

Today at the center, we wrapped up the four-week Eat Smart, Live Strong class brought to us from our friends at Bronson.  Everyone had a great time, learned a lot, and even got some free groceries to take home after each class.  Afterwards, three nurses from Bronson met with our seniors one on one and answered questions and provided blood pressure check.  We are so thankful for all the support from our community partners.


Eat Smart, Live Strong Class

May 21, 2019 

Many thanks to our friends at the Northside Ministerial Alliance (NMA) for their continued support and kindness.  Lou Bilancio and I were happy to attend the NMA meeting and luncheon today and hear about all the great things happening in our community.  So thankful to receive a $2,000 donation for the Ecumenical Senior Center to help us continue to serve the seniors in our community.  I would encourage you to check this group out and see the powerful impact they are having to address real change throughout Kalamazoo.  Special thanks to Dr. Addis Moore, President for this dedication and leadership.   

                               Tim Barnes, Executive Director ESC  

Ms. Lois Key

In loving memory

May 2019 

I am happy to announce that the Ecumenical Senior Center has been awarded a $10,000 contract from the Kalamazoo County Government Purchasing Department for the Older Adult Service Programs Senior Millage.  Our contact will help support our transportation program for seniors living throughout Kalamazoo county.  

                                 Tim Barnes, Executive Director ESC

Spanish Class starting up again 


Spanish class #2

Ecumenical Senior Center (Fridays 12:30-1:30)

First Class starts on Friday, April 26th.  More details on    

You are welcome to join even if you did not attend the first class.   Please sign up at the signup table at the center.  

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If you, or someone you know, is interested in making a difference and joining our Board of Directors, we are currently accepting applications for new Board members. 


All applications must be submitted by May 15th. 


Dedicated ESC Voluteer, Board Member and Friend

February 21, 2019

A devoted member of the Ecumenical Senior Center for over 10 years, Ms. Key served not only as a diligent and consistent receptionist but also a daily prayer warrior. Ms. Key would make sure each day started with prayer.  During special times of need or illness she could be called upon to add the needed prayer for healing and safety.

Ms. Key was also a staple in the yearly fashion show. As a fashion icon, she would make sure her outfit out shined them all. Ms. Key would roll down the aisle will grace and style only she could exhibit.

During the later years as her health declined, she would make sure to send well wishes to the center on a regular basis. When she could, she would make short special guest appearances to make sure she was remembered. 

We will remember her smile, her wit, her compassion and most of all her spirit. With our deepest sympathy, we wish the family well during this time of grief.  You will remain in our thoughts and prayers.  


Ms. Key will be remembered as a vital part of the history at the Ecumenical Senior Center.