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Our thanks to the following partners

for all of their support!

Gospel mission new logo.jpg

Stryker Johnston Foundation

The Marvin and Rosalie Okun Foundation 

St. Thomas More logo.JPG

Kalamazoo County

Senior Millage

Tyler Little Family Foundation

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Jolly Fellows Club


Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation

WMU logo.png

Spirutal Leader Larry Harris

The Suzanne Upjohn DeLano Parish Foundation

Galilee Logo.png
College of Barbering logo.png
Humana Logo.png
Kalamazoo Athletic Club.png
H&H Painting - Transparent Background (March 2023).png
Mercantile Logo (3).png

The Samuel J. and Mary E. Colef Fund

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Ws & Lois Vandalsom Foundation

The Insurance Group.jpg
Ron Jackson.png

Harold and Grace Upjohn Foundation 

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