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Our Newest Fitness Program 

The CDC recommends that seniors participate in at least one and a half hours a 

week of exercise to include aerobic and strength building.  Although most seniors 

do not attain this goal, the number of African American seniors achieving this drops to only four percent.  

We wanted to do something to provide our seniors with a program that would give them access, education and training to improve their overall health.  We 

teamed up with students from Western Michigan University and developed a 

partnership with the Kalamazoo Athletic Club to use their facilities in the morning twice a week.  

We are especially grateful for the leadership and mentoring of

personal trainer Charles Hicks who has developed a program that 

addresses the individual needs of our seniors.  We started the 

program in the fall on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. - Noon.  

Starting in June 2023, Charles will lead an aerobic class at the center

and we will go to the Kalamazoo Athletic Club on Thursdays.  

We hope to secure funding to expand the program starting in the 

fall to four days a week.  

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