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Food Programs

Breakfast Program: 


Each morning staff/volunteers provides a free breakfast to our guests between 9-10 a.m. 


Breakfast may vary from day to day and may include juice, rolls, etc.  Coffee, tea and water are always available for our guests to help themselves. 


On Thursday, we generally prepare a larger breakfast for our seniors.  

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Lunch Program


Each afternoon starting at Noon, we provide a nutritious meal to our guests who are 60 years of age and up.  Each day out guests can sign up for either a cold or hot meal - see our monthly calendar of meals below. 


The meal is provided by Senior Services of Michigan and a donation is requested but not required.  This is not a drop-in meal program and the meal is only available to guests who sign up the prior day.  


In order to be eligible for the lunch program you will need to complete an application and let staff know that you plan to attend at least by noon the prior day.  See Senior Meal Coordinator, Jodi, for more details or questions.

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