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Computer Classes and One-to-One Tutoring 

We designed the computer class to be a number of sessions where our seniors can learn new skills and work at their own pace.  We believe that our students can practice and hopefully be able to use their new skills for specific tasks that will be relevant to their lives. 

We have a couple of computers available where seniors can practice skills, play games and access the Internet for community resources.  We encourage our seniors to utilize this opportunity.  

Our format has been a large group lesson using the large smart TV and we go through terminology, and individual skills that are used in each of the lessons.  Seniors can use a computer on a first come basis and we ask that individuals plan to use no more than 20 minutes at a time in order to make time available to others.  

One-to-One Tutoring:  There is a sign-up sheet at the table by the computers where seniors can sign-up for 15-minute tutoring sessions.  These sessions are generally on Wednesday's and Thursdays but change periodically.  Let Tim know if you would be willing to help provide basic tutoring for our seniors.  


Lesson 1 focused on basic computer knowledge, maneuvering the keyboard and desktop, creating files, folders and documents using Word.  We also focused on Internet searches and cutting and pasting.  


Lesson 2 focused on searching the Internet for websites, health related resources and more practice cutting and pasting.  Students were introduced to Excel where we created a worksheet of the 10 top songs of 1964.


Lesson 3 focused on text boxes to create a single-page flyer that was inspired by a quote from Michael Jordan in honor of Black History Month.  


We plan to take a short break and will start up again on Tuesday, April 16,2019.  Anyone can join us at any time and can work with a tutor one-to-one through each lesson.  Because we continue to practice specific skills, students can join at and time and this allows everyone to work at their own pace. 

Anyone interested in learning more should talk to Tim at the center - we'd love to have you join us.  Even if you are new to the classes, we can work with you one-to-one to get you on track.  

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