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James Palmore Painting.jpg

Local Senior Artist

James Palmore

Artist in the House

June 2019

We want to thank James Palmore for his help and support these past few months with art projects.  It was inspiring seeing first hand how a blank canvas can turn into a masterpiece.  

Local Artists at the center.jpg

Patricia shows off her finished painting along side local artist James Palmore.   

The Ecumenical Senior Center is happy to announce that  we will have local artist James Palmore working on a piece of art at the center.  We wanted to show the transformation from an empty canvas to the final touches of a creative piece of artwork.  

James will be working on the piece a couple of days a week and will quietly working in the background.  He will be available to discuss the project and/or answer questions you may have concerning his background, his techniques, etc.  

Patricia, one of our seniors, was inspired to join James in paining and drawing a number of pieced.  Come down to the center and find your inner creativity.  

We plan to update this web page with his progress every couple of weeks so we encourage to keep checking back to see the development.  Better yet, stop down at the center and see for yourself.  

Patricia painting.jpg

Senior guest, Patricia, working on her latest masterpiece!

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