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Fashion Show on a Shoestring Challenge 

Saturday, August 24, 2019


dance to follow


Please show your support for the Ecumenical Senior Center

by joining us for this fundraiser to help us support our programs and services

for seniors in our community.   


All proceeds will go to support the Ecumenical Senior Center and their continued efforts to engage the community in promoting positive aging to our senior population living in and around Kalamazoo. 


You can show your support by:

  • Consider a Sponsorship

  • Be a Contestant

  • Donate an item to our Raffle or Silent Auction

  • Buy a ticket for you, your family and/or a friend


Who knows how to shop on a shoestring budget better than seniors!  Here is a fun and different way to show off your fashion style on a limited shoestring budget.  Join us and strut your fashion style while supporting a great cause. Though our seniors are encouraged to participate, all are welcome to participate. 


Date:  Saturday, August 24, 2019


Time:  Fashion Show 4-5:30 p.m. Dance to follow until 8 p.m. with appetizers and nonalcoholic beverages. 


Ticket Price:  $20 per person in advance – or $25 at the door


Location:  The Fashion Show and dance will be held at the Ecumenical Senior Center located at 702 North Burdick Street, Kalamazoo, MI  49007


Tickets:   Available by calling the center at 269-381-9750 or at


How it works: 

Each contestant will be allowed to spend $30 total at the stores of their choosing to acquire two full outfits (not including undergarments or footwear) to present at the fashion show.  Each contestant will need to present a formal look and a casual look for the show.  All accessories including hats, jewelry and belts must be purchased within the $30 budget.  Guests at the event will vote on the winning outfits. 


Contestants in the Fashion Show:  

  • Sign up and pay the $35 entrance fee by July 15, 2019

  • Contestants are encouraged to secure their own sponsor for $100 that will cover entrance fee and clothing cost budget.  ESC will try to secure sponsors as well. 

  • Seniors are encouraged to participate but the event is open to all ages

  • Each contestant has an allotted budget of $30 of their own resources

  • In order to compete in the Fashion Show, contestants have until August 12, 2019 to turn in receipts showing how the items were acquired within the $30 allotted budget and show that the purchases were made between July 15 and August 10, 2019. 


Guidelines for the Fashion Show on a Shoestring Challenge: 


  1. Contestants must register with a $35 entrance fee by July 15, 2019.

  2. Contestants may secure an outside fashion show sponsor ($100) to provide his/her entrance fee and the cost of clothing.  Sponsors will be included in the event program.  

  3. The intent of the competition is to see who can purchase the best fashion on a limited budget.  As a result, all items presented at the show must be purchased from a retail establishment and cannot be donated by an individual or contain items that you already own.

  4. Contestants will be given a form to record all their purchases and are required to attach store receipts.  These forms, along with all receipts, must be turned in to ESC by August 12, 2019 in order to be eligible.  Participants who register but fail to complete form/receipts will not be eligible for the show and will forfeit their entrance fee. 

  5. Outfits must be purchased between July 15th and August 10th and the receipts presented to confirm the purchases were made within the time frame. 

  6. Each contestant will be allowed to spend up to $30 of their own resources to acquire their two outfits.  Contestants will be judged on a formal outfit and a casual outfit. Individual items may be used to accommodate both outfits if necessary.

  7. Undergarments and shoes and/or footwear do not need to be purchased and thus are not included in the $30 total allotted budget. All other items including accessories for the two outfits must be made and recorded by receipts within the $30 allotted budget. 

  8. Contestants can make their own clothing but all cloth and materials, must be secured within the $30 allotted budget and purchased within the allotted time frame.

  9. The winner will receive:

  • Bragging Rights for the best Fashion on a Shoestring;

  • $150 for First Place Formal Outfit;

  • $150 for First Place Casual Outfit;

  • $100 for Overall People’s Choice Award for the contestant with the best overall presentation.

10. Each guest to the event will be given a ticket to vote for their choice of best outfits (formal and       casual) and overall presentation. 

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